This One Time, I Made All These Girls Cry

Also known as: “How many times can one reporter be called ‘****’ because of one goddamn story?” I can answer that question, because I wrote this feature for Marie Claire last year, and felt like yanking it out of my archives. It took three years to report. Well worth it.

But behind the cutesy titles and sloganeering (Summit motto: “Bloggers for a Balanced Lifestyle”) lies an arguably unhealthy obsession with food, exercise, and weight. The blogs’ pages of meticulous food photographs and descriptions are often updated several times a day and immediately dissected by readers. A typical morning post documents breakfast with a photo and description—say, a smoothie of raw spinach and rice milk—followed by an afternoon report on the day’s herculean exercise and an evening update on perfectly portioned snacks and dinner. Pare once chased a 10-mile run with a flourless, low-fat, black-bean “brownie.” Boyle ran 22 miles and, after a day of light eating, signed off with, “I am so hungry!”

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